Gem Jute Limited was established at Panchagarh (northern Bangladesh) in 2003. Our main objectives are to serve the local people by creating job opportunities, defend the environment, protect traditional agro-industries and earn foreign exchange for the country through a profit-making venture.

About Us

In 2003, when the future of jute in Bangladesh was still in doubt, Gemcon established a factory in a remote, economically-depressed region in the north. Gem Jute’s mission was to supply quality jute products to markets across the world, while providing employment in the local areas. Today Gem Jute is the largest factory in the region, employing over 3000 people and providing much needed economic stimuli to that region. Gem Jute’s success has demonstrated that socially-responsible jute is a viable investment with strong international markets.
Creating a new Jute mill at Panchagarh has been a big challenge for Gemcon Group, so as to revitalize the declining industry. The objectives here were to develop the socio-economic condition of the local people by creating employment opportunities, defend the environment, protect traditional agro industries and earn foreign exchange for the country through a profit-making venture.

Our Vision

“To produce customer centric and environmentally friendly products through our passion and innovations”

Our Values





Enthusiasm, desire & commitment to succeed.

Exceed the clients’ expectations

Supports continuous growth & improvement

Being an environmentally friendly player.


Our Journey

Our Factory

The Gem Jute Ltd. Mill has been built on 60 acres of land. Most machines are fully or almost assembled, while new machines are continuously being added. There are a number of diverse machines producing different jute products as per demand. We have our own warehouse, factory yards, storehouses besides the production and quality section on Gem Jute premises. Our Gem Jute factory runs in 3 shifts and we have a high growth rate. We are 100% export-oriented company. Riding on the demand of jute in international market, Gem Jute buys 3 lakh ton jute yearly from the growers and we produce 40 metric ton jute products daily.

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