We produce export quality goods

Gem Jute Ltd. is a 100% export-based company with the aim to expand the goodwill of Bangladeshi Jute and Jute products around the globe while earning foreign currency for the country to drive the industry towards progression.

Gem Jute Products

Gem Jute produces a wide range of products ensuring the highest quality and compliance for their clients. Besides the following products, Gem Jute has a future plan to introduce a wider range of jute products.

Jute Bag

Jute bags are used as containers for packaging of various commodities.

Jute Yarn

Made by interlocking Jute fiber to produce various commodities.

Jute Cloth

A wide range of jute cloth is manufactured to meet various packaging needs.


For natural consolidation of the soil we manufacture jute fiber geo-textile.


R & D Phase is going on, bulk production is coming shortly.

We are spread around the world

Quality management makes Gem Jute Inimitable

Jute is a unique gift of nature. As such, we promise not to contaminate our jute with any additives hazardous to mankind. We are working towards processing the harvesting in a fully organic manner.

Gem Jute assures quality control assessment procedure from sourcing to final product.

Gem Jute delivers complete customer satisfaction with their product quality, world-class service, on-time delivery, cost affordability, innovation in operation and commitment towards buyers.

Our strengths

  • Best Quality Products: Gem Jute never compromises with the quality and innovation of their products. At every production line, the quality of products has been assured with success.
  • ISO 9001: 2000 Certified: With the best industrial performance, the company achieved this performance award.
  • Commitment to Buyers: This is considered to be one of the biggest strengths of Gem Jute, where their commitment is rock-solid towards their buyers. Every product assignment is assured to reach into the right destination at the right time.
  • Socio-economic Revolution: Even though Panchagarh was never a Jute processing region, the workers are local and we learned the trick of the trade fast. The unique feature is that 60% of the workers here are women and it’s a great liberating experience for us.
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