GeoTextile Details

Width: 100 cms and 128 cms

Weight: 553 gm/per yard/6.5X4.5

Packing: In pressed bales, ranging from 275 meters up to about 823 meter length (continuous length, or in strips/bolts)

Applications: Jute nets used for re-vegetation and soil-stabilisation purposes and wherever the upper layer of the soil has to be preserved from wind or water erosion, during the establishment of vegetation cover. It has numerous advantages over its synthetic counterpart.

  • 100 % natural and biodegradable
  • Non-sensitive to U.V. rays
  • Water absorbent
  • Low-priced alternative to petrochemical based, synthetic Geo-textiles
  • Disappears after 1 – 3 vegetation cycles
  • Outstanding coverage of the soil due to its heavy weight, which is not easily lifted by winds or water

Export to: USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle-East.