Corporate Social Responsibilities

Gem Jute is always trying for a harmonious and smooth relationship with local environments and communities. The company employs under a corporate umbrella which provides meaningful facilities and welfare to both. The product, Jute itself is an environmentally friendly product. Alongside, Gem jute is always keen to control any environmental impairment with respect to social front, natural facets, health and safety by practicing world class technology in their plant.

And that’s not all. Gem Jute plays a significant role in the local community development. Apart from benefiting the local economy, the company is also involved in different socially responsible activities like distributing aids and cloths among the poor people during the time of natural disaster and in winter season. In addition, providing infrastructural facilities to local Government stakeholders, granting scholarship to poor bright students, giving proper donation to orphan children, placing practical knowledge sharing sessions to local technical institutions, financially supporting local religious & educational foundations, distributing medical financial assistance to needy patients and arranging medical health camps for deprived community have been done by Gem Jute.

Green to Gold

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